Bridges Out of Poverty

Right now, there is an ever-increasing desire to reach out in the community and help those who are suffering in poverty. We facilitate workshops for the community and individual organizations that teach how poverty works, its effects on a family, and how best to communicate with and overcome poverty’s harmful restrictions and habits.

To learn more about Bridges Out of Poverty, please contact McKay Strong at or 801-691-5229.

When you attend Bridges Out of Poverty workshops, you learn key lessons for working with individuals in poverty. You will learn about the following:

  • The unspoken expectations and hidden rules of the middle class and poverty
  • The necessary tools for understanding and helping those who live in poverty bridge the gap to a more sustainable lifestyle

We offer free introductory workshops for the community as well as workshops for individual organizations. These free classes will be invaluable to you if you are interested in the following:

  • Learning more about poverty
  • Becoming part of the conversation regarding what poverty is and why it exists in Utah County
  • Volunteering with organizations that work with people in poverty

Financial Literacy

The Financial Learning Center is designed to foster self-reliance through education about money. The center offers one-on-one counseling and assistance to help you take control of your finances. It teaches budgeting skills, debt management, understanding and building your credit score, and saving.

Homebuyer Education

The Homebuyer and Mortgage Counseling Program has a two-part mission:

  • Empowering families to obtain long-term homeownership through education and counseling
  • Strengthening homeownership by identifying resources, advocating ethical practices, and assisting with dispute resolution

The Community Action Homebuyer and Mortgage Counseling Program is approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a Housing Counseling agency. Our teachers are certified by NeighborWorks America, and our services are available to the public free of charge.

First-Time Homebuyers

Owning a home is a dream most individuals hope to achieve, but the path to homeownership isn’t always clearly marked. This challenge often leaves many prospective homeowners with questions and anxiety.

Through the Community Action Homebuyer and Mortgage Program, you can receive valuable information to not only answer the difficult questions you have but also the knowledge and tools you need to prepare yourself for home ownership. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Through one-on-one counseling we can help you do the following:

  • Analyze your present financial and credit status
  • Teach you about down-payment assistance programs for low- to medium-income families
  • Learn how to shop for a lender/loan program
  • Become familiar with loan documents
  • Establish a budget to help you reach your goals
  • Teach you important money management skills
  • Help to establish a plan of action that will enable you to become a homeowner

Don’t let homeownership scare you: call today to speak with a counselor or to register for our first-time homebuyer class.

Please contact Catherine Goold to schedule a prepurchase counseling session today!