What do people want in life? Is it fame? Thousands of Instagram followers? Perhaps, bigger biceps or a smaller dress size? Some experts say that along with having pockets lined with money and unconditional happiness; most people want to have personal freedom, meaningful purpose, and joy in their lives.


Those are noble desires, if not outright lofty. But what does happiness look like? It resembles different things to each of us. But, in general, most women want to learn about new ways to look and feel their very best, they want to experience something they can enjoy, and they want someone to share in those experiences. That is happiness. And, that is what makes The Women’s Expo is such a rewarding and enriching local tradition for women of all ages. This two-day event, which is scheduled for April 27-28th, 2018, at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah, is packed with exciting vendors, industry and product experts, mini-seminars, food, fitness, self-improvement classes, fashion, fun activities, a Disney Vacation Giveaway, and plenty more.


Discovering new ways to celebrate the unique advantages of being a woman have a universal appeal. And what makes this year’s event extra special is the opportunity for Expo participants and shoppers to enable other women to pursue their dreams and realize their goals to overcome poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.


The food drive supports of the Community Action Services and Food Bank, a non-profit organization that provides resources and introduces a two-step plan that, first, helps stabilize people by meeting their basic needs like food and shelter. Second, it offers long-term solutions to rebuild financial and social self-sufficiency. It’s a cause that presents lasting, life-changing benefits to those who seek a better life and opportunities.


All women want to feel beautiful, and they want to feel that their life has a purpose. The Women’s Expo highlights the possibilities that should be accessible to whomever wants it by asking, are you ready for something more? Better? Wonderful?


People want to believe they have control over their future and that they deserve the good things that happen as a result of smart decisions and hard work. “I’ve witnessed how the process of stepping up to our highest potential and honoring our best visions for contributing to the world in a meaningful way does indeed pave the way for more joy,” says Kathy Caprino.  And by partnering with Community Action Services to build support and hope, this year’s Women’s Expo promises to be the best one ever.