Circles is a community-based initiative focused on helping struggling individuals and families become self-reliant.

What is Circles about?

Success in nearly any endeavor is influenced by the people and resources that surround us—our circle of friends, our sphere of influence, the cyclical nature of habits, and even the hands of a clock. When we encircle ourselves with a positive community circle of support composed of volunteers and staff, achieving self-reliance becomes much more possible.

In an initial 12-week class, participants establish goals and future plans and learn new tools to secure and sustain better jobs. Participants (called Circle Leaders) are then matched with community volunteers (known as Allies) who meet with them weekly and support them in their personalized goals. Through this accountability process, Circle Leaders are able to decrease their debt, increase their income, and wean themselves from public assistance. We also empower our participants to influence positive changes in the community.

What is a Circle Leader?

Circle Leaders are individuals or families who are committed to moving out of poverty and reaching 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, have completed Circle Leader Training, and are ready to share their stories to support systemic changes within the community. They take leadership roles in their own lives and plan their paths out of poverty. They are the leaders of their Circles.

Interested in becoming a Circle Leader?

What is a Circle Ally?

The critical key to the success of Circles is matching Allies to Circle Leaders for at least 12–18 months. Allies are community volunteers who offer coaching, job leads, problem-solving help, and the essential modeling required to secure and retain good jobs. They expand the social capital of Circle Leaders by giving them access to their own social networks, which are often wider, stronger, and more diverse.

New Allies will have an intake meeting with a Circles Coach where you will discuss your interests, strengths, etc. With this information, Coaches will use their best judgment to determine which match would be the most beneficial for both the Circle Leader and Ally.

Interested in becoming a Circle Ally?

How can I help?

Become an Ally

  • Befriend a Circles Leader
  • Offer emotional support as needed
  • Help Circle Leaders clarify their goals and identify incremental steps to reach each goal
  • Submit and pass a criminal background check

Join a Team

  • Community Team: meets weekly to help with setup and cleanup and helps to plan Family Fun Night
  • Recruitment Team: finds those who are eager and willing to volunteer
  • In-Kind Donations Team: helps manage resources and meal donations

Donate a Meal

  • Donate once or many times
  • Donate dinner for the site meetings in American Fork or Provo
  • Great opportunity for families or small groups

Volunteer with the Children’s Program

  • Take care of participants’ children during the weekly Circles meeting
  • Two hours per week
  • Four month commitment
  • Dinner provided
  • Lots of fun!

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